Tangi Academy Clubs and Events

Featuring the happenings around our campus. Check back often to see all the wonderful activities, clubs, field trips and events are happening on our campus. Students and teachers will be photographing and writing about the latest and greatest at TANGI ACADEMY.



This year we have six clubs on campus offering after school activities to beautify our campus such as the art club. To instill leadership and community we have the unity club. A book club will also be offered to share experiences and places in books with one another. Lastly, to promote school camaraderie, the spirit club will enrich our campus culture.  


Education Services

Students with special needs will be participating in several events on campus as well as the regional Special Olympics. Students will also partner with peers to empower student relationships and culture. We will have an upcoming field day to promote togetherness and unity. Anti-bullying and restorative practice campaigns will also be featured here.


Art Department

Enriching students ability to express themselves through art, music, dance, media, performance and theater will empower them. Here we will highlight what students are doing daily in their arts curriculum and arts integrated classrooms.